3 Keys to Curing Your Slice

Banana ball. Hard fade. Fore right. There’s a ton of names for the slice, but only one good tool to cure it. That’s where the Golf Slot Machine comes in.


Take it from me, founding member of Slicer’s Anonymous, and avid explorer of the beyond the hazards: slicing your ball is the most frustrating thing you can do on the course. And it’s only cold comfort that it’s most everyone else’s problem too. Lucky for us, there’s a tool on the market that aims to dwindle SA’s membership. But does it work? There’s only one way to find out.


The experiment: take a (very) high handicapper, put the training aide in his hands, and see if can cure his maladies. For context, I’m in my 20s, have an athletic build, have only taken a few lessons, and have never found a consistent swing. I try to play 9 holes after work once a week, but the time put in hasn’t exactly translated to a revolutionized game. So I was willing to try anything to put my game on the right path – literally.


After a two month process, using the GSM on the range once a week, I am objectively better. Before, I used to not have full extension of my arms at impact, my swingpath would come from out to in, and the clubhead stayed open, leaving the ball with no choice but to sidespin like crazy.


I wish I could say I laid the GSM on the ground and I started firing off lasers immediately, but that’s just not the caliber of athlete we’re working with here. So, having tried and succeeded at improving my golf game with just a plastic right angle, here are my tips to using the GSM.


Be Persistent

Trust the tool. What is it that they say about the Indian and the arrow? Even if you’ve never started your backswing with the clubhead to the side of the ball, give it a shot. Literally give it a shot, then do it over and over again, until the “Jumbo Bucket” button on the ball dispenser is broken. The golf swing is unnatural movement in the first place, and this new development will feel even stranger; but what you were doing before wasn’t working, so why not try something new? It’s going to be weird – but in the long run, it’s going to help.


Have Faith

Take a cue from the Philadelphia 76ers and #trusttheprocess. Another mistake I made early on was trying to modify the GSM to “fit my game”. I would place my feet in positions other than what the arrows indicated, and I would start with my clubhead behind the ball. In hindsight, it’s ridiculous that I was so precious about my horrendous “game”, really, lack thereof, but I still hadn’t fully given in yet. It was only until I became a slave to the machine, so to speak, doing the same motion over and over again that I started to notice gradual, but real, improvement.


Learn to Love the Draw

Just like a sushi chef needs his Yanagi knife fully sharpened, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal too. Not just the right clubs, but the right abilities to benefit your shot making. Shot shaping doesn’t need to be complicated or overly dramatic. Sure, the extreme fade may work for Bubba Watson, but you don’t have two green jackets. The draw will go further, take it from science.


You’re not helping yourself by banging bucket after bucket with your same old swing. Get the Golf Slot Machine, start from scratch, and start hitting more fairways. It may take some work, but it really is that simple.

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