Add 15 Yards and Break the 300 Barrier

“I’m hitting it about 15 yards longer now,” says golfer Adam Scott in his article. “Credit goes to my address position, which I’ve tweaked to produce more power.” If you’re a [...]

How to Grip Your Club for Better Golf

Is a strong grip better or a weak grip? Since we were kids, we’ve heard all about the “right” way to hold a club… from locking fingers to pointing your thumb down the shaft. In this video [...]

The Arnold Palmer Effect

The passing of Golf’s Greatest Ambassador Arnold Palmer draws a moment of reflection, inspiration and admiration from the golf community and specifically from our team at Golf Slot Machine. Over [...]

Pros, You’ll Want to See This

Hey Pros, check this out. We’ve been working hard on rebuilding the Pro area on, spending time to refine your corner of the Golf Slot Machine world. Now, it’s ready for you. [...]

Answer Golf’s Most Important Question

It’s one of golf’s most important questions… When you’re out on the course, are you focused on playing better golf or are you actually enjoying the game? You might think, Why does it matter? [...]