Exclusive! Jim McLean Golf School’s Evan Cather talks Golf Slot Machine

Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral has established itself as the #1 Golf School in America, so we caught up with Pro Instructor Evan Cather to find out how he’s using Golf Slot Machine to teach the slot.


Tell us about your journey in the sport…

I attended Taylor University in Indiana where I played on the golf team. I’ve been an instructor for the past three years; I teach in Miami and Chicago in the summer. My schedule is really packed from June to August in Chicago, and then it dies down in November. I have about 80 students across two locations – 50 in Miami – and up to 10 hours of coaching every day.


Why Golf Slot Machine?

At Jim McLean, we teach a lot about the slot and how the club gets delivered into the golf ball.


What’s a common challenge with your students?

A lot of the time, the club is coming from way across the right side. Some students don’t work that well with giving them a bunch of mechanical advice. They throw their hands away from their body and shank the ball.


What’s working?

Golf Slot Machine gives them a simple visual like saying, “this is what I want to happen.” The mind is triggering a response better than if I tell them to do “this” to the golf club, or do “this” to the shaft. You can just put the Golf Slot Machine down, use that to get the feel and help them ingrain what they’re trying to do.


Why? What’s different?

I think it’s the visual guide that helps them. You want them to create a little bit of extra space and it helps them do that. With Golf Slot Machine, when the player has to make contact with the ball, they have to shift their body laterally and it forces them to use their body more efficiently – their lower body – than just winging it with their hands and arms on the way down.


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