Make the Best New Year’s Resolution Ever

If you haven’t made a new year’s resolution, it’s not too late.

But, what should it be? Exercise more, weigh less, eat better… Gah – the usual band of new year’s resolutions is just so predictable. So… just throwing this out there, but what if your 2017 New Year’s resolution was to simply… play better golf? We know… seems almost too good. After all, new year’s resolutions usually translate to some sort of self-imposed hazing that includes eating flavorless fad-foods and sweating in fresh new ways amidst a room of strangers.

So, let’s try it on. Say it with us:

“My 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to play better golf!”

That’s right – we just gave ourselves a new reason to play more golf… this year is already starting off very strong.

Now, where do we start?

Of course, getting more practice time and using the Golf Slot Machine to ingrain the proper swing mechanics is the easy, low-hanging fruit to tackling this resolution. You can grab a PGA Pro-endorsed Golf Slot Machine swing training aid here (shipped FREE by the way) for the easiest way to get more distance, accuracy and power. But in other great news, Ron Kaspriske of Golf Digest has already done a lot of the heavy lifting in his article Seven simple ways to get golf fit in 2017. Before you dig in to read the whole article, we’ve pulled the highlights (including Ron’s explanation of benefits) for more ways to become a better golfer in 2017:

  • Drink water

Why: “It improves muscle function, which can translate into a more fluid (get it?) and powerful swing. It also can give you an endurance boost.”

  • Walk more

Why: “…prolonged sitting often leads to back and hip problems, which are golf-swing killers.”

  • Get your cardio in

Why: “…it can dramatically improve your ability to focus under stress.”

  • Work your glutes

Why: “The butt muscles are not only key to good back health, they’re also key to a balanced and powerful golf swing. They keep you from swaying, sliding, lunging and they provide a ton of energy you can transfer into the golf club in the downswing.”

  • Exercise in 3 planes of motion

Why: “…you have to move in more than one plane at the same time—this is especially true in the golf swing. Your training should bolster these coordinated, multi-plane movements.”

  • Foam roll

Why: “…massagers make your muscles more pliable, and that translates to more range of motion in your swing. You’ll be able to swing harder and faster while reducing the risk of injuries.”

  • Shed weight

Why: “…less stress on your bones, more energy and better mobility.”

Check out the full Golf Digest article, then get out and get started on the best resolution ever!




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