Pro to Pro, Instructor to Instructor: Here’s why you need Golf Slot Machine

We caught up with PGA Master Instructor Stephen Aumock – ehem, just the 2014 North Texas PGA Section Teacher of the Year, 2016 NTPGA Horton Smith Award recipient and Director of Instruction at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano, Texas – to find out what it is that inspires him to use Golf Slot Machine with his students.

After all, he’s a hands-on type of guy, so tapping into a golf tool to help his students master their craft isn’t a regular thing for him. We thought you might like to hear his perspective.


What’s your teaching style?

“I typically don’t use a lot of training aids. I’m more of a hands-on, show-them-the-position type of teacher.”


So, what piqued your interest with Golf Slot Machine?

“Sometimes you find something that’s a ‘silver bullet’ aid that can make all the difference. You find a training aid that can be so simple and effective that the student can accomplish the task right then.”


How does it benefit your students?

“It’s a great moment for the student because instantly they realize how much talent they really have and how much more enjoyable the game can be when they’re progressing. A perfect example is when someone is coming over the top and slicing. For these students, the Golf Slot Machine has been incredible. It helps ingrain a good backswing and inside path for the downswing that is a total game-changer.”


Any specific success stories?

“I came in contact with this product last fall and immediately saw differences in two of my students – one nine years old and one 14. Both were coming over the top on the downswing, taking it back too far inside and creating a vicious loop. After using Golf Slot Machine, both immediately started seeing results, changed shot patter and were hitting draws. The 14 year old gained 20 yards with his driver and immediately qualified for his high school team; the 9 year old gained 40 yards and immediately played well in some local junior tournaments.”


What has all of that meant to your business?

“I use it now on a weekly basis and have seen the satisfied students take more lessons, shoot better scores, buy some more equipment since their old equipment no longer fits them, and play more rounds because they can now spend their time on the course instead of on the range.”


What would you tell your colleagues?

“Consider using effective training aids – there’s a chance it’ll make all the difference.”


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