Your Slice is Killing Your Game: 3 Fixes

If you think about it, fixing that stealthy slice before it ambushes your game again could launch a serious revolution on your golf game. But a simple Google search on how to do it will turn up a billion results. Good thing you came here first, where a whole team of slice squelchers are here to give you the top three focus points for obliterating that slice.


  • Mind and body focus

We know what you’re thinking: You’ve heard enough about how you need to all-but hypnotize yourself to overcome distractions. So let’s just simplify this by saying, step one in squelching the slice is to get your body prepped for golf season and your mind right for winning.


For your body, check out Rory McIlroy’s routine and how he’s transformed his strength to cater to the demands of his sport. Then start getting your mind tuned into the game, and be confident in what your body is capable of. Play like you mean it, anticipate and embrace daily challenges, don’t “over-care” about the outcome (it can be a distraction), and most importantly, focus on your target – your intended destination – for each shot.


  • How’s your grip?

If you slice the ball on a regular basis, there’s a fair chance your grip is failing you. If your right hand is too far underneath or too far over the top, you’ll see negative effects on consistency and ball flight.


Check your grip against this video from Chris DiMarco to make sure it isn’t working against you.


  • Put a stop to coming over the top

The easiest, most effective cure for coming over the top on your swing is training with the Golf Slot Machine swing training aid. With Golf Slot Machine, you’ll quickly ingrain the right body sequence to avoid that over-the-top position. (Not to mention, pick up proper ball positioning and alignment.


Take a look at this video for slice solutions from PGA Master Instructor Stephen Aumock and grab your own Golf Slot Machine here in our online pro shop.

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